Richard C. Gorecki Scholarship

  • Are you currently enrolled in college?
  • Will be you be entering at least your junior year of college in the fall of 2022?
  • Have you been a Benefit Member for at least four years in good standing with a permanent plan for at least the last year?
  • Do you have a 3.0 G.P.A.?

If the answer to these questions is yes, please visit our Scholarships page and fill out an application to apply for the Richard C. Gorecki Scholarship Program. This year, the applicant may submit their application online!

Three $10,000.00 grants will be awarded if there are qualified applicants.

If you have any questions, please reach out to

VP Trish: Marian Wesolowski

As many of you know, Druhna Marian Wesolowski passed away last November. This weekend, there will be a memorial service at St. Gabriel’s Catholic Church in Elma, New York. The mass is being held on Saturday, January 15 at 9:00 a.m. (EST). The mass will be streamed on YouTube for those who are unable to travel to Buffalo. The link is

Druhna had served as the National Physical Education Director from 1981 until 2004. Marian had joined Nest 6, Buffalo, at the age of 8 and was very active with the Polish Falcons. Druhna touched the lives of so many and is greatly missed!

May Marian rest in peace!


VP Trish: Nest Information

The Nest pages on our website were mentioned last month in one of my blogs. As of this week, a letter has been sent to all Nest Presidents and Financial Secretaries regarding the username and password for each Nest page. If your Nest President does not use a computer and you do, please work with them to get the Nest information.

Each quarter, an updated roster is posted to each Nest page. Other Nest information that previously went out in the monthly mailing is included on these pages. A monthly report is only generated if there is activity (here at the National Office) for the Nest. If no activity; no report!

Please visit your Nest page (frequently!).

Now this is exciting news! Instead of mailing out a packet of forms requesting Nest information, the forms are now available on our site. You may use this link. Fill out your forms, hit send and we’re all set!

FYI – the Polish Falcons is a 501(C)8!

More exciting news! The Dr. T.A. Starzynski Scholarship application is now available online. Click here to fill out the form, hit send and you have applied. My hope is that now that the application is fillable online, there will be more applicants!

If you have questions, please reach out.


New Member Referral Program Extended!

How it works:

Complete the card here and mail to: Polish Falcons of America, Attn. Referral, 1016 Greentree Rd., Suite 201, Pittsburgh, PA 15220 or email to with subj. Referral.

If the referred individual joins PFA as a Benefit Member with a permanent life insurance policy or annuity, you receive $25. Referrals will be paid on a monthly basis.

If the referred individual joins PFA as a Fraternal Benefit Member or with a Juvenile Term policy, you receive $5. Referrals resulting in a Fraternal Benefit Membership or Juvenile Term policy are not eligible for drawings mentioned below.

All PFA Members who submit a referral card that results in a new Benefit Membership will be entered into drawings for a cash prize! AND, every successful Benefit Membership referral counts as an additional entry!

Drawing: January 3, 2022 ($250 prize!)

Program ends December 31, 2021.

VP Trish: Druhna Marian Wesolowski

Trish and Marian on October 7, 2018 at a luncheon in Buffalo for breast cancer awareness hosted by Jill Stark

It is with a very heavy heart that I inform you that our Marian Wesolowski passed away the morning of November 22. Druhna had been quite ill for a long time.

Druhna had been the National Physical Education Instructress from 1981 (initially with Druh Edmund Pett) and retired in 2008.

Marian and I met through our work with the Polish Falcons, but we became good friends. I spent lots of time with her at the lake. I shall miss her, but I shall cherish all the memories I have of Marian – both my personal ones as well as Falcon ones.

Tentative plans are for a mass in Florida on January 8 with a mass in Buffalo on January 15.

There will more details in upcoming blogs, as well as in the next issue of the Sokol Polski.

May Druhna Marian rest in peace!


In June of 2016, Marian stopped to visit us while at Angola Camp. Pictured: Dan Michalak, Chris Puskar, Marian, Trish

VP Trish: Nest Reports

Quite often, I am chatting with Nest Officers and hear that they do not have a current roster. This is a bit frustrating as every quarter, a Nest roster is uploaded to each Nest page. This takes a considerable amount of time for this information to be posted to each Nests’ page. There is no problem with our doing so, but if it isn’t used!?

I remind the Officer to contact Courtney (even give them her email address) to set up their Nest page. This page (on our site) has the monthly reports, rosters (not all Nests will have a report every month, it is dependent on Nest activity), and other information the Nest may need.

Courtney kindly created a username and password for each Nest for me. Next week, each Nest President and Financial Secretary will receive a letter (in the mail) from me with your Nest username and password.

Previously, there was a monthly Nest mailing with all of this information. Rosters were mailed out twice a year. This mailing has not been done in years!

Please visit your page!


VP Trish: Nest 610 Awards

As I mentioned last week, it seems that Erie is the place to be! On October 24, John and I attended the Nest 610 Awards Dinner. I have attended this numerous times and am always amazed at the attendance.

One year, we were on our way to Myrtle Beach. The best is the time I was in Connecticut for an event. I had rented a car and they had given me a Buick LeSabre which I considered to be a “pappap’ car. Well, I was wrong! That car was great! As I drove to the airport in Hartford on Sunday morning, between the leaves and the car, I found myself in Massachusetts. I quickly realized my error and turned around. When we flew out, it was true what I have always heard about autumn in New England. The colors were magnificent. I had a layover in Washington, DC. Again, enjoying the fall foliage as we took off. I landed in the burg, drove up to Erie (yet again enjoying the leaves!) and arrived at Nest 610. A bit late, but they were fine with that as the Steelers were on.

Think about this, there is a cocktail hour, dinner and an awards presentation! Every year, there are so many who come to socialize, thank and acknowledge those who work for the good of the Polish Falcons, specifically Nest 610!
This year is so unique as we all know. Last year, there were no dinners, gatherings or celebrations. I understand the Legion of Honor recipients received their awards as they were delivered by Tony (Pol).

The Star of Merit folks had to wait until the awards dinner. What is so impressive about that is that even though Members did not receive their awards last year, they still gave their all for the golf tournament (and I am sure other events as well!).

That speaks volumes! Just goes to show that while Members do appreciate their awards, they give because of their love for the organization. A huge thank you to all of you!

It takes a tremendous amount of work and dedication to nurture, lead, cultivate and manage a Nest, especially one with a building. I would like to thank all the Nest 610 Officers and Members who make Nest 610 a success!

Hopefully, this trip was the beginning of Nest visits!


Announcing PFA’s New Term Life Insurance Plan!

PFA’s new Term Life Insurance Plan is the perfect choice for young individuals and families looking to plan for tomorrow, today. PFA Term Life can provide a substantial lump sum benefit in the event of a tragic loss helping loved ones pay off a mortgage, credit cards, student loans, and cover funeral expenses.

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