Polish Falcons of America is a non-profit, member-driven, community life-insurer. Established more than 125 years ago, Polish Falcons of America provides for the physical, social and financial welfare of its Members. Our mission is to promote, develop and maintain our Polish heritage through social, cultural, educational and physical activities; to provide benefits for our Members through life insurance and annuities, and establish in the U.S. and other countries subordinate chapters called Nests. All Members belong to a Nest. Countless families from all walks of life have benefited from their Membership in our Polish fraternal benefit society and physical fitness organization, and by doing so, strengthen the Polish-American Community.

Giving Back. PFA provides life insurance and financial services, while also giving back to the people we serve by reinvesting our profits into communities. Polish Falcons provides a wide range of benefits, programs and activities for our Members and the community.

Supporting the Polish-American Community. Since its founding in the United States, Polish Falcons of America has been an integral part of the Polish-American Community. Through those years, PFA Members have supported one another and the communities in which they live. We honor our heritage both in the United States and Poland. New Members are welcome to our organization to help support our mission.

Sharing a Common Bond. According to the PFA Constitution and Bylaws, the bond of our Membership is: persons who are of good moral character, who by birth or descent are of Polish or Slavic nationality, and their husbands or wives regardless of nationality, or any individual who is judged supportive of the purpose and ethnic heritage of the Polish Falcons of America.

  1. Fill out and submit the Fraternal Benefit Membership application by clicking here. *Application will open in a new window. Please leave this window open.
  2. Return to this page to complete dues payment ($60 annually) using the form below.

Please Note: Fraternal Benefit Members do not hold an active Life Insurance, Annuity or Medicare Supplement policy with Polish Falcons of America. These Members (in good standing) possess all rights and privileges granted by the laws of the Society including the ability to participate in the activities of Nests and Districts, and the National Organization. They can attend meetings of the Nest of which they are Members, but they cannot hold Office or serve as Delegates to the National Convention. Fraternal Benefit Member dues are $60 per year, not including applicable Nest dues.

Fraternal Benefit Members shall NOT:

  • Vote at Nest Meetings.
  • Hold Office in a Nest or District.
  • Attend District Plenary Meetings.
  • Be a Delegate to a District or National Convention.
  • Vote in the corporate and insurance affairs of the Society.
  • Be eligible to receive Polish Falcons Service Awards.
  • Be eligible for Polish Falcons Scholarships.

If you are interested in becoming an Insured Benefit Member of the Polish Falcons of America, please contact John Denning at 800-535-2071 or jdenning@polishfalcons.org. Thank you!