Untreated hearing loss can accelerate cognitive decline

May 22, 2023

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About five years ago, researchers at Johns Hopkins published findings of what — at the time — was believed to be the first study to look at the impact of hearing loss on long-term brain functioning. They found that older adults with hearing loss “developed significant impairment in their cognitive abilities” sooner than peers with normal hearing.

Since then, additional studies have confirmed the link between hearing loss and cognitive decline, while more recent research has found that untreated hearing loss is a risk factor for dementia — but that treating hearing loss may help prevent dementia.

For more information about hearing loss and why it’s important to proactively treat it, visit our Hearing Loss page. It’s got answers to a ton of your questions, whether you’re just starting to wonder if you have hearing loss or are actively searching for help.

Check it out, and stay in charge of your mind and body as you age.

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