National Headquarters

“w Zdrowym Ciele, Zdrowy Duch”
“Within a Healthy Body Resides a Healthy Spirit”
(Falcons’ Motto)

Polish Falcons of America (PFA) is a non-profit, member-driven, community life insurer. PFA provides life insurance and financial services while also giving back to the people we serve by reinvesting our profits into communities.

Upholding traditional Polish values by promoting financial security, active lifestyles and social well-being, PFA operates as a fraternal benefit society with over 20,000 Members nationwide.

The very first Falcons group was established in 1887 as a youth-focused gymnastic society on Chicago’s near north side. Its creation came with the blessings of the leaders of the fledging Polish immigrant community of the day.

In 1894, several Chicago-based Falcons’ groups, or “Nests,” came together as the Polish Falcons Alliance and with a mission having national scope. After 1905, the Polish Falcons Alliance entered into a new arrangement with the large Polish National Alliance fraternal, whose leaders envisioned the Falcons as a sort of youth-oriented adjunct operating within and supported by the PNA, but at the same time retaining the organization’s powerful patriotic thrust.

In 1912, the merger with the PNA was terminated and the Falcons Alliance was re-established as a reunified and fully independent organization with its National Headquarters moved from Chicago to Pittsburgh, Pa.

Today, PFA National Headquarters is located at 1016 Greentree Rd., Suite 201, Pittsburgh, PA 15220.

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