VP Trish: Nest 92 Certification Program

October 18, 2023

Nest 92, Toledo, Ohio, was dissolved in 2010. The Nest donated their remaining funds and asked the Scholarship Committee to create a scholarship program for our mature Members.

The Scholarship Committee created the Nest 92 Certification Program. This program is for older Members who need to take classes and obtain a certificate for professional improvement. This program was approved by the Board of Directors.

Program Criteria:

• Must be a Falcon Member at least two years
• Must be at least 25 years of age
• National Dues must be current
• A grant of $250 will be given for those who need to be recertified in their line of work (May apply more than once, but the total one may receive is $250)
• No specific deadline, may be requested at any time of year

There is a brief application requesting basic information, a copy of your certificate and your invoice for payment. Click here for the application.

Thank you to my Scholarship Committee Members – Patricia Capozoli, Mark Albin, Daniel Michalak and Christine Puskar.

Our appreciation to the former Nest 92 Members for their kindness and generosity.


Druhna Trish, Scholarship Committee Chairperson

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