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April 3, 2024

Time for me to nag (again!!)

So, it is the end of March at the time I am writing this and only 22 Nests have submitted the end-of-year forms! The deadline was February 29! Please click here for the forms. This is a very simple process. I just filled out the forms for my pretend Nest and it took me 15 minutes.

If for some reason the online process frustrates you, contact me and I will send you hard copies for you to fill out and mail back to me. These forms are very important, especially with this being a Convention year. The only way the PFA has updated information is if you send it to us!!!

Please have two Officers sign checks in your Nests and Districts. Do not sign blank checks; this defeats the purpose of two signatures. I know the bank doesn’t require two signatures, but the PFA does. This is simply another internal process to help the Nests. If your Nest hasn’t been following this, please begin to do so now!

One of my greatest joys in my position as your National Vice President is my interaction with the Membership. But I do have to tell you that I get extremely frustrated with some of the requests.

My biggest exasperation is when a Nest Officer calls and says that the only roster they have is years old. At the end of each quarter, I forward an updated roster to Courtney. They are then uploaded to each Nest page. Quite a while ago, I mailed a letter to two Nest Officers (in each Nest) with the username and password that Courtney had created for your page. So, please if you have misplaced the information, ask me.

Please, please, please visit our website for loads of information, but also information that pertains directly to your Nest.

Happy Spring!!!

Druhna Trish

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