Adult Activities

Youth/Adult Volleyball Tournament

The Youth/Adult Volleyball Tournament takes place annually in the spring. Both the Adult Tournament and Youth Tournament are held in the same gym, making travel easier on Member families. For more information on the Youth/Adult Volleyball Tournament, please contact National Physical Education Director Christine Puskar at

National Bowling Tournament

The National Bowling Tournament takes place annually at the end of April. It is a two-day tournament hosted by a PFA Nest with a Teams event on one day and a Singles and Doubles event on the other. For more information on the National Bowling Tournament, please contact Bowling Manager Janet Knauber at

National Golf Tournament

The National Golf Tournament takes place annually during the second week of August. It is a two-day event hosted by a PFA Nest. There are two days of golfing at two different courses, followed by an awards banquet. For more information on the National Golf Tournament, please contact Golf Commissioner Trish Del Busse at