VP Trish: Birthday Celebrations!

August 22, 2020

Ordinarily, Ryanna and I (we) celebrate her birthday for a week. We go shopping a few times, a couple lunches, a trip to Washington County Fair, a movie and then the best, High Tea at the Westin William Penn Hotel in downtown Pittsburgh (site of the 2012 PFA National Convention).

Obviously, movie theaters are closed and the fair was cancelled. We did meet her Gaga for lunch one afternoon after a brief shopping trip to a small mall (am surprised this place is still open, it’s rarely busy there even prior to the COVID!).

We decided to hold things here at our house. The theme was Nightmare Before Christmas! The kids and Jaylyn came over at noon to have our tea. Ryanna was thrilled because I did find a loose tea strainer but the best were the sugar cubes! We had tea (several choices), ate silly little sandwiches and a few crumpets for dessert (cookies, carrot cake and biscuits). We had tea cups, tea pots, cloth napkins, flowers (from her Gaga) and fun.

Later in the day, her Gaga (John) and Dad joined us for dinner. Gaga cooked Ryanna’s favorite chicken along with mashed potatoes and corn. Ryanna requested an ice cream cake (I also had to bake a cake for Ryan.). Ryanna gave everyone a small jade plant as a favor and had a list of activities for us.

The front yard and porches were decorated. The canopy was set up; balloons were everywhere along with other decorations, and lights were hung on the side porch and the lamppost.

First, we played musical chairs (Ryanna won!). Then we did the egg toss (John and I won), then the balloon toss (which John and I lost on the first toss), kids won, then cornhole (one of Ryanna’s requests for a gift). Dad (Jim) and the kids played wiffle ball and hung on the dome. The day and evening were perfect. (Reminds me of a Falcon Nest picnic!)

Funny how we thought we were making the best of a bad situation and ended up deciding that this was the best birthday celebration yet! Happy 8th Birthday to my very special baby girl!

Would love to hear how you are modifying plans these days!

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Keep safe! Czolem!

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