VP Trish: Golf Deadline

July 20, 2022

Golf registration was supposed to close on Friday, July 15. With this being fraternal land, the deadline has been extended. If you would like to golf, if you would like to receive a shirt that fits, I strongly encourage you to right now (well, as soon as you finish reading this newsletter), go fill out and submit your application. Please submit a waiver as well!

There was a golf commissioners’ meeting on Monday evening. Bob Kuzmicz filled us in on the details for the upcoming golf. Nest 80 is ready for the golfers! Courses are booked, shirts are ordered, meals are arranged, fun is scheduled…along with numerous other matters. They’re prepared!

For those of you participating in the Hammer Open on Wednesday, August 10, you will receive an email with your tee time from me (probably during the first week of August). This episode is being played at Elbel Golf Course with tee times beginning at 9 a.m. Jeff Jalowiecki of Nest 307 is handling the event.

British Open Golf Trivia:

  • St. Andrews has hosted the British Open the most.
  • In 1905, tees were lengthened and pot bunkers added to the Old Course out of a concern for the modern golf ball.
  • Shockingly (not!) Tiger Woods has the lowest score in the Open at St. Andrews.
  • John Daly beat Constantino Rocca in a playoff in the 1995 British Open to win. (That tournament is the one that turned me into a British Open fan! My favorite tournament!)
  • J.H. Taylor holds a major championship record for having the low score in each of the four rounds at the British Open.
  • Jack Nicklaus closed out his major championship career at St. Andrews in 2005 with a birdie.
  • Tony Lema was the last player to win at St. Andrews in his British Open debut.

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