VP Trish: Hammer Open & National Golf Update

August 3, 2022

Whew! The Special Convention, Celebrations, Board of Directors Meeting and National Camp (all held last week) went very well. More on these events in future blogs.

Next week, the golfers will be invading South Bend looking for camaraderie, good food, fabulous libations, perfect weather and a great round of golf!

As soon as I forward this to Courtney, I will be setting up the foursomes for the Hammer Open. There are 44 golfers planning to sample Elbel Golf Course next Wednesday.

If you didn’t receive your tee time (for the Hammer) from me (by the time you are reading this), please reach out to me.

By the end of this week, all golfers should receive an email from me regarding general information about the Tournament. Your starting hole will be indicated on the folder you will receive at registration at Nest 80, South Bend, next week.

Czolem! And Fore!!

Druhna Trish

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