VP Trish: Leave memories, not problems!

February 11, 2022

Ordinarily, I don’t write much about the life insurance side of the Polish Falcons, but since February is Insure Your Love Month, I thought I would share an experience of a friend (not using real names), who just went through a traumatic event that was both sad and unnecessary.

Jane’s brother had retired at the age of 62 (never holding a position where his income was excessive but lived a comfortable life). Monetary matters became a problem as Dick was well into his 80’s when he died. Previously, he had taken a reverse mortgage out on his home.

The main concern was that Dick had very little life insurance, so when he passed, there was so much more associated with his death. Not only did Jane lose the brother she adored, but she had to find a way to take care of his financial issues.

Had Dick had adequate life insurance, Jane’s burden would have been considerably lighter.

Please (especially if you love your family), purchase life insurance. It is challenging and emotionally draining enough to lose someone but when adding the financial stress, it becomes almost impossible.

Life insurance does not remove the emotional loss of a loved one, but not having to worry about the funds to pay for a decent funeral are eliminated. It is relatively inexpensive to purchase life insurance to handle your funeral expenses and to provide your family the resources necessary so that you are not leaving a financial burden behind.


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