VP Trish: Members inducted into bowling Hall of Fame

April 20, 2022

As we prepare for the upcoming National Bowling Tournament at the end of this month in St. Louis, PFA has more good bowling news, this time from South Bend, Ind. – Angela (Angie) Pluta and Thomas (Tom) Gooley were both recently inducted into the St. Joe Valley USBC Bowling Association Hall of Fame in the Superior Performance Category!

St. Joe Valley Association covers the entire county of St. Joe in Indiana. One must be nominated and meet certain criteria. The St. Joe Valley Board then reviews the candidates to determine if they qualify.

Both Angie and Tom are Members of Nest 4, South Bend, Ind. Angie joined soon after birth and Tom has been a Member for over 20 years.

Angie and Tom have been bowling on the same team for years, both at tournaments and in a weekly bowling league. Angie’s average is 200 or 193, depending on the league, with Tom’s a 220.

Angie has served on their Board for 12 years; helping at both adult and youth tournaments.

If any of you know Angie, you know what an impressive bowler she is! You may not know that she has been bowling since she was 6 years old. While attending Indiana State University, Angie bowled collegiate all four years. Angie has been bowling in adult leagues for over 20 years.

Some of her accomplishments during this time have been two 300 games, three 299 games, one 298 game, nine times thrown 11 in a row with her highest series an 814.

Angie and Tom are going to bowl in St. Louis with Falcons, and then the following week they will head to Las Vegas to bowl in the USBC Open Championships.

They also bowl in the Indiana State Open Championships and the National Open Championships, along with the PFA National and District VI Bowling Tournaments.

Tom has been bowling for 45 years. He bowled youth league and travel league as a junior bowler and started bowling in adult leagues in 1989. He owns Brad’s Pro Shop in South Bend and has been involved in the Pro Shop Business for almost 30 years.

A few of his accomplishments include bowling 25 – 300 games, 10 – 800 series (highest 813), is a two-time Indiana Mixed State Champion, has been the St. Joe Valley Masters Champion five times and three times St. Joe Valley City Team Champion!

Tom also bowls in the St. Joe Masters Tournament, Indiana Mixed State Tournament and usually bowls in the St. Joe Valley City Tournament, Falcons District and National Tournament.

What happened was! They were both honored at a banquet on April 9 celebrating with family and friends! Congratulations to both of you!

See you at Bowlero Bowl in Chesterfield!


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