VP Trish: More golfers registered!

June 30, 2022

My family and I had a wonderful trip to the beach last week. Time was spent at the beach, the arcade, playing badminton, renting a golf cart (several times), and numerous other things including getting caught up on sleep and relaxing. While golfing at the oldest continuous miniature golf course since 1924, Ryanna had two holes in one. Ryan was kicking butt playing skee-ball! John was happy to get away from the kitchen! Jaylyn was just happy!

I was pleasantly greeted on my return as quite a few golfers signed up while I was away. I’m very pleased to inform you that as of June 29, I have 59 golfers registered. Lots of familiar names and quite a few new ones! If you haven’t registered yet, please remember to include the waiver. If you have registered and haven’t signed a waiver, please do so.
Also, please encourage your Nest/District to be a hole sponsor. Registration, waiver and hole sponsor form are all available here.

Golf Trivia:

The term “caddie” was coined by Mary Queen of Scots as it derives from the French word for student – Cadet.

The first written reference to golf appeared in an Act of the Scottish Parliament from 1457. In an edict issued by King James II, the playing of ‘gowf’ and football was prohibited because the games are distracting subjects from archery practice.

Since 1891, golf holes have all been 4¼ in. wide. This is because The Royal and Ancient Golf Club of St Andrews confirmed the diameter in the set of rules they issued that year. Royal Musselburgh had acquired the first known hole-cutter in 1829, which had this exact measurement. Why 4¼ in., we hear you ask? Nobody knows for sure, but it’s likely that this was simply the diameter of some pipe lying around Musselburgh Links at the time.

Wishing all of you a very pleasant, long weekend celebrating the Independence of our wonderful United States!


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