VP Trish: End of Year

October 15, 2022

It’s football time!!! (I do know how the Steelers are playing!) I truly enjoy this time of year. It also means End of Year forms!

By now, each Nest correspondent should have received an envelope from me. If your Nest does not have the National Office collect your Nest dues, there was one roster enclosed. The roster is the Nest/National Dues roster. This will inform you of the status of your Members regarding dues.

Please keep in mind, in order to participate in any of our programs (this includes Disaster Relief and our sports programs, in addition to the others offered by the PFA), one must have their National and Nest dues paid.

This roster will be helpful when you have Election of Officers at your last regularly scheduled meeting of the year. All must be current with dues to serve as a Nest Officer.

If the National Office does collect your Nest dues, then you received two rosters. One for your information and the other to return to me in the enclosed envelope, so that we may make the changes to your Nest dues roster before we proceed with the Dues Billing.

Another memo contained information for the Nest Officer to fill out the End of Year forms. The forms are on our website. I provided step by step instructions but if you have any issues, please contact me and I will walk you through it. The deadline for the forms is Feb. 28, 2023.

If your Nest is not in Good Standing, there is usually an easy fix for this:

  1. Submit all the Nest paperwork required
  2. Have the Nest Officers pay their National Dues
  3. Elect Officers who are Members of your Nest

Tiarra has uploaded the most recent Nest roster to each Nest page. If you have forgotten your Nest password or need help with the Nest page, please contact me. The rosters are uploaded quarterly.

The Nests/Districts Presidents meetings will resume on Tuesday, October 25 at 6:30 p.m. A Zoom link has been emailed and an agenda will be sent soon. Please share the information from the meeting with your Nest. Communication is obviously the key and we are trying our best to get all the information out to our Members.

Second VP Dan suggested a program (the Board approved it) called the Nest/District COVID-19 Perseverance Award. The application is on our site. Applications have been submitted – thank you!!! But we would like a few more. Please think about it! The object of this program is to not only acknowledge Nests, Districts and Members, but to share your great ideas!!!

Happy Fall and Czolem!!!

-Druhna Trish

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