Better Hearing Month is the best time to treat hearing loss

May 1, 2023

PFA is proud to partner with Start Hearing to offer discounts and additional benefits to Members and their families.

In 1927, the American Speech-Language-Hearing Association (ASHA) designated the month of May as Better Hearing and Speech Month. Their goal at the time was to raise awareness about speech and hearing challenges and — more importantly — encourage people to take action and treat their own hearing and speech problems.

That mission is just as important today as it was then. Maybe more so. One reason why? Because if the past two years have taught us anything, it’s how important communication and connectivity are, and we can now see we should never take either for granted ever again.

Another? We know way more about hearing loss in 2022 than we did in 1927.

We know, for instance, that untreated hearing loss is linked to a laundry list of physical and mental well-being issues, including decreased cognitive function, higher incidences of hospitalizations, depression and falls, and increased risk of social isolation and dementia.

We know the pricelessness of connecting with family and friends, listening to music and nature, and not feeling left out of activities, events, and conversations.

While it shouldn’t require a special month to get us to pay attention to the importance of hearing health, the fact that there is a dedicated month — and has been one every May for nearly a century — should be reminder enough that we need to take our hearing seriously.

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