Falconette Commission Raffle

February 18, 2023

Druhna Chris Puskar and I would like to express our deepest thanks to everyone who sold or purchased tickets or made donations for the January 2023 National Falconette Commission Youth Fundraiser to benefit the upcoming Future Leaders Conference in Hershey, Pa. Your support is greatly appreciated, not only by us, but by all of the Youth Members who will be attending the conference.

After expenses for the ticket printing and prizes that were paid out, the net profit from the raffle was $3,488.11. A total of 406 tickets were sold. We also had donations totaling $450 as follows:

  • Joan Pawlukiewicz $50
  • District XIII Ladies Commission $100
  • Pat Koziol – In memory of Eleanor Ostapiec Ruchalski $100
  • John Kuzmirek $100
  • District IV Ladies Commission $100

That brings the total amount raised to $3,938.11.

Click here for the list of winners.

Thank you for your support.

Patty Capozoli, Chairperson
National Falconette Commission

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