Falconette Commission Ticket Raffle Update

October 29, 2022

Reese’s – Kit Kat – Whoppers – Peppermint Patties – Mounds – Almond Joy – O’Henry – 5th Avenue – Cadbury – Good & Plenty – Heath – Jolly Ranchers – Milk Duds – Mr. Goodbar – Payday – Take 5 – Rolo – Twizzlers – Whoppers – Zagnut – Zero…

Some of the many kinds of candy bars made by the Hershey Company. What are your favorites?

Milton S. Hershey introduced the first milk chocolate bar in 1900 as an affordable treat for everyone to enjoy. What a leader he was! His Hershey bars are still sold around the world. There is even a place in Pennsylvania that is dedicated to all things Hershey, where families can come to celebrate “The Sweetest Place on Earth!”

In 2023, we will be taking the Future Leaders Conference to the Hershey Lodge located in Hershey, Pa. So, we are asking for your continued help (with a twist). In an effort to help defray the additional costs incurred, we are modifying our January Raffle Ticket. The cost of each ticket will increase from $10 to $15. The good news is that the prize amounts will increase too! The minimum prize will be $75, weekends will be $125, and there will be one prize of $250 and one prize of $500!

All proceeds from this raffle will be dedicated to the 2023 Future Leaders Conference. We are asking for your support to help our Youth Members enjoy a productive and successful event.

Tickets will be mailed out in November to our normal Falconette Commission mailing list. If that doesn’t include you but you would like to purchase tickets, you can contact Patty Capozoli at pcapozoli@polishfalcons.org.

Help us to send the Future Leaders to “The Sweetest Place on Earth” – Hershey, Pa.!

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