NEW: PFA’s Safeguard CD Annuity

April 1, 2021

Chart based on PFA’s Safeguard CD Annuity, $15,000 deposit, 5 years at 2.50% vs. Bank CD, $15,000 deposit, 5 years at 0.70%. For illustrative purposes only.

Where would you choose to invest?

PFA’s Safeguard CD Annuity:

  • 3 years – guaranteed interest rate of 2.25%*
  • 5 years – guaranteed interest rate of 2.50%*
  • 7 years – guaranteed interest rate of 2.75%*

Annuity earnings are tax-deferred. Defer paying income tax on interest earnings to later in your life and take advantage of a lower tax bracket!

Learn more by contacting John Denning at 800-535-2071 or by email at

*Conditions apply

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