VP Trish: 2021 Gorecki Scholarship Recipients

June 19, 2021

Richard C. Gorecki Scholarship Program

At the recently held Board of Directors meeting, the decision of the Independent Committee was approved. The Committee had been sent copies of all of the applications and met via Zoom. After discussion, the three who have been chosen to receive $10,000.00 are:

Szymon Kutyla-Nest 946, District I. Szymon is attending Rutgers Robert Wood Johnson Medical School with a major in Molecular Biology & Biochemistry with a GPA of 3.853.

Roman Lipinski-Nest 45, District II. Roman is attending Indiana University Bloomington with a major in Information Systems/Supply Chain Management and a minor in Chinese with a GPA of 3.526.

Samantha Logan-Nest 118, District IV. Samantha is attending Penn State University with a major in Veterinary & Biomedical Science and a minor in Psychology with a GPA of 3.710.

Congratulations to all of you! Best wishes to all in their academic endeavors.

There were eight applicants, two females and six males. Districts I, II & IV were represented. They were from Nests 3, 8, 45(2), 118, 176, 827 & 946.

All applicants have been contacted regarding the decision of the Independent Committee and the Board.

Each of the applicants had been active within the Polish Falcons, at least on a Nest level.

Speaking of scholarships, each month Genevieve Borovicka of Nest 97 donates $10.00; Druhna has done this close to 320 times! Druhna does this in appreciation of her grandchildren receiving grants (quite a while ago).

A little bird told me that Druhna Genevieve will be celebrating her 100th Birthday on July 3! It would be so nice to send her a birthday card. If you are interested in doing so, please send to Genevieve Borovicka, C/O Polish Falcons, Nest 97, 200 6th Street, Windber, PA 15963.

Have a wonderful summer!

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