VP Trish: Attention Bowlers!

April 22, 2022

One of our important goals this year at the National Office was the development and introduction of an online Member Portal for the convenience of our Members.

With this Portal, Members may now manage their policy, make premium payments, annuity deposits, and/or pay National and Nest dues online. Instructions for creating an account on our Member Portal have been included in your National Dues billing. These statements will be arriving soon.

The bills for National Dues have been sent out, but went out later than we had anticipated. Unfortunately, we encountered a few problems with this new system. The programming for the Portal took longer than expected and there was a delay at the printer.

Due to these unexpected circumstances, bowlers have a few options regarding payment of National Dues this year.

  • Dues may be paid when registering at the Bowling Tournament in St. Louis; President Kuzma will be at registration to collect.
  • Prior to/or following the Tournament, you may go on the Member Portal (create an account) and pay Dues.
  • Following (or prior) to the Tournament, you may mail a check to the National Office.

This is the first National Bowling Tournament since we met in Buffalo back in 2019. All are looking forward to enjoying the hospitality of Nest 45, and the camaraderie always enjoyed at Polish Falcon events.

See you there! Safe travels!


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