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June 24, 2020

I am always amused by the phrase “Summertime Reading!” I discussed with President Tim and he helped; Summertime reading is light and an easy read. Well honestly, as much as I am an avid reader, I would define myself as a summertime reader. I simply don’t retain what I read, so I surely don’t want to read anything too deep!

I didn’t turn into a reader until I was a bit older. I now love to read and I listen to audio books in my car (Obviously, I am not in my car as much these days!). I have even borrowed audio books for the car when the kids and I were heading up to Geneva. We love to listen to the Polar Express! The person reading the books adds to the fun of the book. I have been amused as well as terrified by the way the book is read to me.

My taste in books has changed in that life is rough and I don’t want to read ugliness. As Marianne (Kenbok, our office manager) says, reading is an escape. So most of the time, I want to have a nice escape! Not always, but usually.

I buy a fair amount of books. Kids love to buy books especially when we are out of town. One of our traditions is to stop on our way to Geneva to buy a book (We stop near Courtney’s house!).

I can no longer read about Jack Reacher written by Lee Child, since the last time I listened, some of the images still bother me.

I used to listen to Patricia Cornwell about Kay Scarpetta, but then she discussed performing an autopsy in too much detail for me. One of the disadvantages of listening is that you can’t skim the pages!

Do not ask me about Stephen King or Dean Koontz, just the mention of their names terrifies me!!!

John Sanford books about Virgil Flowers, thrice-divorced, affable member of the Minnesota Bureau of Criminal Apprehension (BCA), who reports to Lucas Davenport, are generally a good read. Lots of humor despite the content. I cannot read the Prey series though, too disturbing for me.

The alphabet murders written by Sue Grafton is a series about a private detective, Kinsey Millhone. Again, not too gross. Unfortunately, Sue died before she got to the end of the alphabet. Her last book was Y is for Yesterday. Again, plenty of humor.

Mary Higgins Clark was an author that my Mom really enjoyed. Her mysteries are not too brutal. The one series is with the lottery winners, Alvirah and Willy who also seem to be in the middle of problems and solve the case! Mary Higgins Clark had also teamed up with Alafair Burke with a character that has a television series Under Suspicion who reopens cases for a show and of course, solves the mystery during the filming.

Michael Connelly has several characters, the Harry Bosch Series and his Mickey Haller (who is Bosch’s half-brother) are my favorites. Bosch was a detective, now retired (but still working) and Haller is a lawyer who works out of a fleet of Lincolns.

Robert B. Parker has his Jesse Stone series (Jesse is the Police Chief in Paradise, Ma., and also Spencer who is a detective.

Elin Hilderbrand writes novels usually taking place on Nantucket. There is a series about the Quinn family and a new one with Irene Steele who is just widowed and it seems her husband had another family on an island.

Jane Green writes much about family but I suspect someone in her family has alcohol issues in that is often times the background in her stories.

John Grisham is one of my favorites. I thought he was a bitter, retired, angry, old judge but he is a lawyer being around my age. He was born in the south and his stories are often troubling and fit our day and times. His books mostly revolve around law but there are a few others.

Joanne Fluke writes murder mysteries with the main character being Hannah who owns the Cookie Jar bakery. Hannah and her sisters often solve the mystery, but since she is a baker, there are recipes throughout her books. Ryanna and I just baked her double rainbow swirl cake!

Mary Kay Andrews writes beach-y stories, usually about women and their friends and of course, romance. There’s mystery as well.

I just discovered Barbara Delinsky reading “A Week at the Shore,” mystery, romance, family. There is a fabulous quote in this book, I shared it with the Future Leaders. “Accept what you can’t change, by changing what you can’t accept.”

Liane Moriarty is an Australian author. She has written eight novels, including the New York Times bestseller, Big Little Lies. The twists and turns in her books often have me react out loud!

And of course, if you know me, my very favorite is Dr. Seuss – Theodor Seuss “Ted” Geisel. He wrote for children but many of his books are wonderful for adults as well. One of his quotes that I really like is “Be who you are and say what you feel, because those who mind don’t matter and those who matter don’t mind.”

When I was in school and had to read a book, quite often I chose a biography. I don’t seem to be reading those these days, although I did listen to Terry Bradshaw read his book. It was quite amusing considering how silly Terry is.

The other autobiography I listened to lately was Bruce Springsteen’s “Born to Run” read by him. He is a pretty serious guy!

My sister-in-laws’ mother died at the age of 90 (a few years ago). At the funeral home was a spreadsheet of books she had read. There was the name of the book, the author, her opinion and when she read it. It blew my mind that she did this and I thought it was very cool. She and I had quite similar tastes in books. I was amused also that both she and I have read only one Danielle Steele book, can’t stand them!

Anne Lamott – Rev. Mark (First Presbyterian Church/Monongahela) has referred to her in quite a few sermons. I bought one of her books, “Notes on Hope.” So far, I like it. It is full of hope when dealing with situations that too many of us deal with.

These are just a few of the authors I have experienced. I would appreciate hearing what your tastes are, and possibly being exposed to an author I would enjoy!

Czolem! Peace!

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