VP Trish: Celebrations!

August 24, 2022

Mandate forms had been collected, fees sent in, and preparations for the upcoming Special Convention were complete. Patty Capozoli ordered, copied, printed, and organized all the information needed for the Delegates.

On Thursday morning, John and I drove to SNPJ Recreation Center to prepare for the Special Convention. We said hello, checked into our cabin, then headed to the main hall. We filled the folders of items that the Delegates would need; ready for the Credentials Committee.

The Delegates (80+) were greeted by Ryan Gregg, Stella Coolbroth, Steve Flor, Pat Heineman and Joan Pawlukiewicz – each receiving a folder and their Delegate number along with a PFA pin. John Nicpon gave each Delegate a ticket for a free refreshment.

The main banquet room at the Rec Center was our home for the evening and the next day.

Second VP Dan and I were the hosts for the evening!

The Delegates were welcomed. It was very fitting that we met in July as the month of July is dedicated to independence, freedom, and celebrations of country and culture!

Dan shared an opening prayer then Druhna Chris was introduced. Druhny Chris and Patty had been at camp all week. Earlier in the week, Kaitlyn and Kristen Johns taught and practiced the National Drill with our campers and junior counselors. Druhna Chris asked that all be understanding as the kids had only practiced a total of four hours – the majority had never the done the drill previously!

Their performance was amazing! Those of us who knew the drill, who had done the drill countless times were moved to tears! This group blew my mind. I love that drill and am so happy that they took the drill seriously and did such a fabulous job! They truly touched my heart! (Later in the evening, I stopped at the barn to thank the group and to let them know how much I appreciated their efforts!)

Click here to watch the group’s drill performance.

I believe that this presentation set the tone for the evening.

There were a few introductions of current and former Board of Directors’ Members.

Druh Ryan shared a prayer for all prior to our enjoyment of the fabulous food prepared by David and his crew. There were various food stations with a variety of wonderful cuisine and desserts.

I proposed a toast: Here’s to:

  • The Polish Falcons
  • Our Members
  • Our guests

Here’s to the PFA and the chance today brings to look back, look ahead, and…

Here’s to the memories we cherish, the joys we share, the dreams we dream and most of all,

Here’s to US!!!


Following dinner, there were several speakers to share various aspects of the Polish Falcons.

VP Dan gave a brief history of the Polish Falcons movement in Poland.

President Tim talked about the Falcon movement in the United States.

I then gave a brief biography of Dr. T.A. Starzynski and our scholarship program. I asked those who had received a grant or who had a child receive a grant to please rise. It was pretty cool how many stood.

I also acknowledged Genevieve Borovicka of Nest 97, Windber, Pa., for her monthly $10 donations (she has done so over 325 times). Pat Heineman was recognized as Pat donates $120 at the beginning of every year.

At this time, I would like to apologize to Members of Nest 79, as they hold a golf outing annually and donate the proceeds to the scholarship fund.

There are so many who nurture our scholarship fund and I appreciate all of you!

Patty Capozoli then shared information about former Vice President Maria Korpanty.

President Kuzma then introduced our keynote speaker, Marzena Kruk, who is the Archive Director from the National Institute of Remembrance. If you recall, a trailer full of pallets of Polish Falcon Archives were sent to Poland for IPN to restore and share. Marzena shared a power point with many images showing their equipment and the technique for restoration. It was very interesting and impressive. There will be a display in Poland opening this fall.

Marzena was then presented with a gift from the PFA.

President Tim gave a few remarks regarding our organization looking back briefly at the past and thinking about the future of the Polish Falcons of America.

The evening ended on a very positive note with several commenting on how much they learned and enjoyed during the evening.

It was a good night!


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