VP Trish: Member Bowls Perfect 900 Series!

April 5, 2022

While Stephen Kosela may be a new Falcon Member (Nest 182, Ambridge, PA), he is certainly not new to the sport of bowling.

When bowling in the Beaver Valley United States Bowling Congress Open Championships, Stephen threw 36 strikes to become the 38th bowler in history to bowl a perfect 900 series. Think about that! How many bowlers there are and to be the 39th is beyond amazing!

Stephen is a right-handed bowler using a Roto Grip Storm bowling ball (he used this ball the entire three games, but seriously, why would he change balls after bowling a 300?).

Stephen said it was a bit trying to finish up his third game as all of the other bowlers (approximately 100 people) would stop to watch him, so it was very quiet while he was bowling. With this perfect series, Stephen now has bowled eighty-three 300 games!

His highest series prior to this was an 858 (quite impressive!). Stephen averages 230 and bowls in three leagues a week. The weekend of the tournament, he had bowled 27 games. The series following the 900 was a 670 (again, impressive). Stephen has thrown forty-six 800 series!

Stephen has bowled in tournaments all over the country – Las Vegas, Reno, El Paso, Syracuse to name a few.

Stephen and his older brother grew up at a bowling establishment that his parents managed. Stephen began bowling at the age of five with his first 300 game being thrown when he was 13!

Stephen works for the Post Office as a letter carrier. Stephen has been interviewed by quite a few news channels both local and out of state. I have spoken with Stephen several times and he is having a great time being “the guy!”

Stephen was kind enough to allow National Bowling Commissioner Janet Knauber and I to “interview” him. We both enjoyed asking Stephen a few questions. Of course, Stephen was in a bowling alley at the time.

Stephen had told me that he is considering the bowling pro tour once he is old enough for the Senior Pro Tour. In the meantime, he will keep having fun!

It would be a blast for Stephen to attend a Polish Falcons Bowling Tournament! I am hoping he will come to the Golf Tournament one of these days also. Stephen tells me he is a golfer, but not as good a golfer as a bowler!

Thank you Stephen! Congrats & Czolem!

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