VP Trish: National Bowling (plus results!)

May 4, 2022

Finally, after three years, the bowlers were back! Those of you who didn’t attend missed a heck of a good time in St. Louis!

The last National Bowling Tournament was in Buffalo back in 2019. Obviously, Falcon Members were very happy to gather and to bowl, having missed the camaraderie and fun of a Falcon bowling tournament!

Nest 45, St. Louis, did an amazing job on this event. The hotel was reasonably priced and close to both the lanes and the hall. The hotel provided a hospitality suite for the bowlers to continue to socialize upon their return. Buses transported the Membership to and from the hall on Friday and Saturday nights. Libations were reasonably prices and entertainment was great (especially on Thursday and Friday nights!).

Each bowler was given a souvenir shot glass (although when Cindy put them in our areas, I thought they were boxes of donut holes??!!). The Nest gift was customized and unique to bowling!

Nests represented were: 4-South Bend, 8-Pittsburgh, 45-St. Louis, 52-Rochester, 80-South Bend, 86-Hamtramck, 104-Newark, 118-Pittsburgh, 123-Erie, 610-Erie (with eight teams) and 907-Cicero. These Nests represented Districts I, II, IV, VI, IX & XIII.

Of course, our bowlers were very generous when the collection for the Epilepsy Foundation of Greater Southern Illinois, Camp Roehr – Epilepsy Camp for Kids was taken. The Nest collected over $700 and National will add $500 to the check for the Nest to present. Savannah Ploesser (age 9) got us started by throwing the first ball for the actual start of the tournament. She did an awesome job!

During the opening ceremonies, Greg Koltuniak (who is extremely active in Polonia in the St. Louis area and very supportive of Polish Culture) led the singing of the Polish National Anthem. There were moments of silence for those lost to COVID, as well as those suffering in Ukraine. National Officers (current and past) were recognized!

Those who joined us were: District IV-Patty Capozoli, District VI-Mark Albin, District XIII-Chuck Johns and Physical Education Director Chris Puskar. Also, former 2nd VP Bobby Joe Gorny, District VI-Bill Junk, District IX-Tony Pol and District XIII-Janet Knauber, who continues to serve as our National Bowling Commissioner.

Angie Pluta and Tom Gooley were recognized as they were both recently inducted into the St. Joe County Bowling Association Hall of Fame.

Thursday evening, the fun started with a 9-pin fun bowl. Interesting to bowl considering I haven’t bowled since Buffalo, but I did place 4th!

Friday, was teams, again bowled decently and our team (John, Kelly Grage, Dale Runnels and I – “We’ve Been Framed”) came in 4th place! Doubles & Singles caught up to me. I used an 11-pound, conventional grip house ball and didn’t accomplish much!

Both mornings, Loretta Aeimsegger and Linda Woolford took care of registration and waivers. District XIII Director Chuck Johns, and I collected funds for the pot games. Our President Tim Kuzma, collected National Dues.

There are many who work so hard for the success of an event like this. I may be overlooking a few and if I do, I apologize…Nest 45-President Tom Meczkowski, Patrice Meczkowski, Sandy Czerniewski, Ron Lipinski, Sharon Dominguez, Carol Czerniewski, and Jennifer Crow with Cindy Schepker and Mary Blessing as the Chairs of the Tournament.

National Bowling Commissioner, Janet Knauber, took care of the logistics which is a huge help to the host Nest. Janet does a great job and the bowlers are impressed with her ability to know most by name.

The National Bowling Tournament in 2023 will be hosted by Nest 80, South Bend (but we’re going golfing first this August at Nest 80).

Congratulations to Nest 45 and all the winners at the 82nd Polish Falcons of America National Bowling Tournament!


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