VP Trish: National Golf – Friday’s Results

September 14, 2022

The format of the National Golf Tournament is that Friday is a Doubles Scramble. For you non-golfers, a scramble is when you both drive the ball, but then each golfer hits their next shot from the best hit ball. This continues until they finish the hole.

There are “only” four divisions in this event. Men (including mixed pairs) and women. The way handicap is done is that the handicap of both golfers is added together, then divided in half for the team handicap.

As an FYI-each golfer confirmed their handicap with me prior to golfing! Most of our golfers use their Falcon average (if they have participated at least three years). Quite a few simply told me their general scores when they golf. Not many of our participants golf in a league where they can provide a league average.

In the case of a tie, the best score on the hardest hole on the course breaks the tie.

Friday Team Results:


Scratch Division:
1st-Julia Springmeier & Mary Ackerman, both Nest 45 with an 81
2nd-Mary Whalen & Brenda McGrath, both Nest 52 with an 88

Handicap Division:
1st-Sunshine Kolve & Hilary Kolve, both Nest 45 with a 55 (84-21)
2nd-Jean Rice-Nest 580 & Vicky Mlynarczyk-Nest 4 with a 56 (89-33)


Scratch Division:
1st-John Denning-Nest 159 & Brian Wendzonka-Nest 80 with a 70
2nd-Jim Dinkel & Jim Hawranko, both Nest 8 with a 70
3rd-Bobby Joe Gorny & Bradley Matusiak, both Nest 4 with a 72
4th-Jon Keller & Michael Pawlukiewicz, both Nest 79 with a 72
5th-Rick Wise-Nest 4 & Marcus Wills-Nest 80 with a 73
6th-Tom Gooley & Tim Reed, both Nest 4 with a 77
7th-Lorra & JJ Junk, both Nest 80 with 78
8th-Larry Szymanski & Russ Olmstead, both Nest 4 with a 78
9th-Gary Tilling-Nest 564 & Justin Eshbaugh, Nest 8 with a 79

Handicap Division:
1st-Don Engler-Nest 41 & Stanley Warner-Nest 519 with a 48 (87-39)
2nd-John Grembowicz & Andy Haynes, both Nest 80 with a 49 (82-33)
3rd-Tom Meczkowski & Ray Czerniewski, both Nest 45 with a 49 (87-38)
4th-Joe McLean & Brad Smith, both Nest 519 with a 52 (80-28)
5th-Ross Kuzmicz & Adam Hall, both Nest 80 with a 54 (75-21)
6th-Bill Junk & Ron Leonhardt, both Nest 80 with a 54 (91-37)
7th-John Wantuch & Bob Strzeleki, both Nest 4 with a 56 (88-32)
8th-Paul Sadowski & Nick Lada, both Nest 907 with a 58 (85-27)
9th-Joe Mlynarczyk-Nest 580 & Larry Grembowicz-Nest 80 with a 58 (88-30)

Congratulations to all!

A future blog will provide more information regarding upcoming National Golf Tournaments!

Czolem & FORE!


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