VP Trish: Nest Information

March 24, 2023

Exciting News!

At the end of every quarter, an updated roster is uploaded to each Nest’s secured page on our website (Yes, every three months!). If for some bizarre reason, you are not aware of your Nest page or the Nest password, please contact me. I will be happy to share this information (again!). At least one Nest Officer should be visiting the Nest page on a regular basis.

The cool thing this time, and moving forward, is that the rosters will also include the Members’ email addresses along with their other information.

If you have an email address for an individual that is not on your roster, please share it with us.

Ask and ye shall receive!!!

Speaking of asking…I am asking (close to begging) for the other 27 Nests to please submit your End of Year Forms. There has not been a Nest submission since March 2. I am confused! The forms are on our site.

If you prefer to use a hard copy, please contact me and I will gladly email or mail you the forms. I have done so for three Nests already.
Deadline was February 28, so how about if all get submitted by April 5!?! Good compromise, right?

Have a great week! Spring is close to springing!


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