VP Trish: New Award Program

September 23, 2022

Finally Fall! It is amazing that as one ages, one enjoys more than dislikes (at least, I do). As a young person, I intensely disliked fall! Yes, it was beautiful but everything was dying! Now, I enjoy all the seasons –  the changes, the weather, holidays, decorations, wardrobe, and the activities that come with each season.

Speaking of activities, it is amazing how creative our Nests are with activities. This was more evident during the pandemic. I am a very optimistic person and I truly thought we would lose a few buildings but fortunately, I was wrong!

Not only did we not lose any Nests or buildings, you thrived! Second Vice President, Dan Michalak, created a program to acknowledge those of you who did extremely well! This program serves a dual purpose; it not only provides a reward for all your hard work, but it gives other Nests and Districts ideas.

The entire Board of Directors reviewed and approved this program. It would be awesome if at least one Nest from each District (in addition to the District) would apply. The person filling out the form may have been involved or maybe enjoyed the fruits of others’ labor. At any rate, please, please consider filling out the application. The nominee may be an individual, a Committee, a family, whomever!

From my interaction with Members, your posts on social media and reports from Officers, it is obvious that our Nests have resourceful, imaginative, hard-working Members. Please apply!

Click here to do so; it is a simple application! Druh Dan or I would be more than happy to answer any questions or help you with the application process.

Looking forward to reading about your successes!


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