VP Trish: Recognizing Bobby Sulecki

October 26, 2022

Nest 610, Erie, Pa., has an awards dinner each October. I was unable to attend; President Kuzma celebrated with the Members this year.

This event blows my mind, I say it every time! The hall is filled with Members and guests who enjoy camaraderie, a fabulous meal, and an awards presentation. No dancing, no band, no auctions – just a wonderful evening!

President Kuzma presented Nest Member, Robert J. Sulecki, with a Certificate of Appreciation Award for all that Druh does for Polonia. If any of you are friends with Bobby on Facebook, then you know exactly what I am saying.

This award was presented due to Bobby’s dedication as a Historian and Researcher, along with his promotion of the Polish culture, faith and traditions.

Bobby is the son of Nest President, Bob Sulecki and his wife, Mary Jo.

As his mother, Mary Jo Sulecki states, “If you know Bobby, this is his life’s work and he is the oldest soul. He has a special gift with the elderly and with history. And I am proud of him, even though he makes his Cerebral Palsy look easy, it is not. He suffers through pain and other issues every day. And everything takes him longer to do than most, but he keeps trying.”

Bobby was truly shocked and humbled upon receiving this award. There were several posts and Bobby’s response was, “I cannot begin to express in words how much this award means to me. It was a complete shock and the response from all of you is really overwhelming! I ask for your prayers so that I may continue my work and put forth many more ideas that I have. None of this would have been possible without the help of my mother and the Blessed Mother! Dziękuję z całego serca! z Bogiem!”

Several other Nest Members received awards. My next blog will touch on those dedicated Members.


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