VP Trish: Remembering Jimmy Paterni

Polish Falcons of America Remembers Jimmy Paterni
March 31, 2022

Pictured above: April Miller, Jimmy, Trish and John at the 2016 PFHF Golf Outing.

While driving (John was driving) home from two events in Erie, I received a text from my dear friend, Cheryl, telling me that Jimmy is now our guardian angel.

Nest 8 President, James “Jimmy” Paterni, passed away on Sunday, March 13th. Jimmy had been active in Nest 8 holding numerous positions until eventually Nest President. He worked at the Members’ parties, the Super Bowl parties, the Nest 8 picnics, kids’ Christmas parties, volleyball tournaments – whatever Nest 8 held, Jimmy was there.

Jimmy had fought numerous health battles including a heart transplant and then a few years later, a kidney transplant. He fought gallantly and was amazing.

Jimmy and Cheryl at a past National Zlot.

Jimmy had been married to Cheryl (Bartus) for close to 30 years. I introduced them at Nest 8 at the Members’ party, held annually the night before Thanksgiving.

They have four children – Lynn, Mark (Melissa), Christy (Justin), and Melissa (Josh) and two granddaughters – Donna Jean and Paige.

Jimmy was such a great guy; I met him 40 years ago at Nest 8. There are numerous stories about Jimmy on football trips, District and National Bowling Tournaments, as well as District and National Golf Tournaments. Last year, Jimmy attended the National Golf Tournament (hosted by Nest 610) but did not golf. He sat with me all day, helped with registration, took care of the poker game, helped with scoring and anywhere else needed.

Jimmy also volunteered at Polish Falcons Heritage Foundation events including the golf outing and breakfast with St. Nick.

Jimmy was a union carpenter and had remodeled my Mother’s kitchen forever ago. When my mother passed away, there was no visitation (her request, was not a good idea) which made it difficult for our friends. While at bowling the following week, in came Jimmy. I was surprised to see him, but Jimmy came down to see me and offer condolences because he didn’t know when he would see me. Another example of his thoughtfulness.

John and I usually sat with Cheryl and Jimmy at Nest 8 bar bingo which was always amusing. John and Cheryl love bingo, while Jimmy and I hate it. So those two sat there happy as clams and Jimmy and I would whine but enjoy the evening.

President Kuzma and I led the Falcon Funeral Ritual at the funeral home. Cheryl thanked us for doing so and pointed out that it is very odd that both Tim and I lead the ritual. Jimmy was that much a part of the Polish Falcons (as is the Bartus family).

I could go on and on with stories involving Jimmy. He was a good guy and a great friend. I shall miss him terribly but know now that he is at peace. Rest easy my good friend. Doubt that will happen as he has joined Mickey (Perhach) and a few others so look out!!!

My family and I offer our deepest condolences to Cheryl, the kids, and Jimmy’s entire family.


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