VP Trish: Remembering Ollie Landi

March 10, 2023

When Nest 610 Member Ollie Landi passed away in the summer of 2021, she was 95 years old and had been an energetic PFA Member for over 50 years.

Druhna had been an extremely active Member as a bowler and worked around the Nest Club when needed. Ollie was a very nice person, always with a smile and more than willing to help. Druhna served on the annual awards committee, attended LOH meetings, funeral services for deceased Members, served as a Nest Director, worked Dyngus Day, reorganized the Nest 610 women’s bowling league, volunteered at the National Golf Tournament when Nest 610 was the host as well as National Bowling Tournaments, was a Delegate to District IX Conventions, and chaired many banquets held at the Nest (just a few of her activities!).

At the age of 79, Ollie decided to take accordion lessons! Druhna was an incredible woman!

Around the time of her passing, a Nest 610 flag was found in a desk drawer. Ollie’s family asked if there was any way they could do something at the Club in memory of their Mother. Nest President, Bob Sulecki, told them about the flag and asked if they would like to have it reconditioned.

Nest Member Judy Pentz helped the family with the process. Once the flag was brought back to its original beauty, the family had it framed. The framed flag was presented to the Nest at their annual awards dinner held last October.

There is a smaller frame with the reverse side of the flag shown and a brief biography of Druhna Ollie. These treasures are proudly hung at the Nest 610 Club.

Another amazing woman to celebrate during Women’s History Month!


Nest 610 President, Bob Sulecki, with flag
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