VP Trish: Reminders & Deadlines

February 7, 2024

Well, Phil says we’re going to get an early spring. In my opinion (overall), we have had spring with not much winter.

Spring is usually the beginning of Falcon activities! Here is a gentle reminder of the deadlines for some of our events and programs:

• Starzynski Deadline is February 15, visit polishfalcons.org/program/scholarship/
• Gorecki Deadline is March 15, visit polishfalcons.org/program/scholarship/
• Nest 92 Certification Program is always open, visit polishfalcons.org/vp-trish-nest-92-certification-program/
• National Bowling Tournament registration deadline is February 29, visit polishfalcons.org/program/national-bowling/
• End of Year Forms for all the Nests are due February 29, visit polishfalcons.org/end-of-year-forms/. Please remember to scroll to the bottom (of that page) and hit continue.
• Beyond the Gold award applications are due March 1, visit polishfalcons.org/program/awards/
• National Convention with Nest 88, New Britain, CT hosting is July 25-28. More info will be online soon.
• Please donate to help with the Banner Restoration (we would like this project completed before the National Convention), visit polishfalcons.org/banner-restoration/
• National Golf Tournament with Nest 336, Jackson, MI as the host. Registration will open June 1. Tournament dates are Friday, August 9 and Saturday, August 10. (Greater detail in another blog.)

If you have any questions about any of these events or programs, please reach out to me at vptrish@polishfalcons.org or (412) 778-8330.

Druhna Trish

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