VP Trish: Sign for Suds

August 31, 2022

Several years ago, the ladies from South Bend acquired a “Czolem” sign from the St. Louis (Nest 45) building. Each year, Sue Kobek (Suds) would bring the sign to the National Golf Tournament and have it on the front of her golf cart.

Last year, in Erie, Sue lost the sign. Obviously, she isn’t sure where but with all the rain we had, it may have fallen off.

Earlier this year, Nest 610 President, Bob Sulecki, called me. Bob is now working at Scenic Heights Golf Course (which is where we golfed last year) and found the Czolem sign in the corner of the barn.

Bob gave the sign to Rob Purzycki to bring to the Special Convention to give to me. We took the sign home; John repainted the sign.

Our plan was to surprise Sue and put it on her cart, but she saw John bringing it in. The look on Sue’s face was wonderful! She came running down to get the sign. Sue thought John made her a new one and was so pleased that it was the original!

I explained that this was a group effort – Bob, Rob, me and John!

This is also a perfect example of Falcons taking care of Falcons! Things like this are why we belong to this wonderful organization of ours!

The fun, the camaraderie, the love are what make Members of the Polish Falcons so special!


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