VP Trish: Thoughts while on Stay-cation

June 3, 2020

I am on vacation this week, well actually, stay-cation. I made the decision that it makes more sense to stay home, plant a garden, get more things done around the house, read a bit more and simply enjoy! John just finished our deck; the kids are finished with school Wednesday. There are lots of things for the kids to do here – we just bought a new climbing dome, there are the swings, a sprinkler and the sandbox! Plus, books and crafts galore!

Geneva-on-the-Lake is a small area where social distancing would be challenging. The playgrounds aren’t open yet, and the beach is still a mess (even though they clean it constantly). The lake is really cold, and not all of the restaurants/stores are open; it is in another state.

BUT! I have spent this entire morning crying. My heart is so heavy from what is happening. The civil unrest, the virus, just everything! I generally don’t watch much news because I tend to bury my head in the sand and only deal with what I have to. I have never been one to march for a cause (even when I agreed with the cause). It seems that things happen, people protest, there is much discussion, then before you know it, we are back to where we were!

The scope of the violence frightens me! The current state of affairs saddens me, sickens me and terrifies me! I did see a few encouraging photos and stories recently, but these should not be an exception. It should be the rule to talk and be considerate. I simply do not understand why a gathering should turn into an excuse to be a criminal. Talk about a contradiction!

As I have mentioned previously, my parents were not deeply involved with a fraternal. I joined when I was a kid. My brothers were PFA Members, and I was taking dancing lessons (at the same place my Mom had). One night after class, I told my Mom I didn’t want to come back here anymore. Her reply was “Then, you’re joining Falcons!” Obviously, one of the best decisions ever! My point is that even though they weren’t involved, they were truly kind, generous, thoughtful people. We were taught to be respectful of all, treat others the way they treat us, not to judge, not to gossip, to understand, be kind, be helpful, share, support, be considerate of all, be responsible, not to lie (if we lied, that was worse to my Mom than what we lied about!), to work hard, to appreciate, not to take anything for granted, have compassion, be a productive member of society.

My parents were of course not perfect, but they were good people! Now obviously, one can’t be a doormat for others, but seriously, the nastiness is shocking to me. I think some of it has to do with the stay-at-home orders and people being frustrated, scared, out-of-control, financially unstable and uneasy about the future.

Random acts of kindness go a long way! You can be making a difference simply by being nice! Say hello, nod your head, hold a door, allow someone to enter the street, smile (even though you are wearing a mask – at least, I hope so!), a smile can be seen in the eyes, donate blood, donate to a food bank, send a few dollars to someone you know who needs help, do something NICE! Oh! and if the store requires you to wear a mask, wear it on your face, not your neck!

I heard a gentleman say that God didn’t produce any extras (like they have in the movies!), all of us matter. And all of us can make a difference!

I am going to go outside and work in our garden. My Mom always said that gardening was the best therapy! I wish all of you peace and I pray for a gentler, kinder world! Czolem!

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