VP Trish: Volleyball with Ryanna

April 15, 2022

Last weekend, I picked Ryanna up at school and we headed to Green Tree to check into our hotel (which Ryanna thought was very nice!) for the Youth/Adult Volleyball Tournament. After dropping off our gear, we drove to the Pittsburgh Elite Volleyball Center to help with Tournament set-up. We brought the cornhole boards that Nest 8 loaned us.

The balloon arch had already been put up, the registration table prepared, the water/Gatorade cooler loaded (compliments of Nest 8 Member, Rege Paschel), and scorekeeping was ready to go. Druhna Chris was well prepared (as usual) and did a great job!

Ryanna is only 9, and Druhna Chris didn’t have enough little ones for a team, so Ryanna and Kayla Yanick were coming to help out. Mary Blessing thought it might be a good idea if the little ones joined in (Druhna Chris was in total agreement). Mary was the first to help Ryanna with serving. Soon though, anytime Ryanna had a minute to practice, there were others working with her. Ryanna would be working on her serve and other kids would go over and help. The referees even helped!

During the games, Ryanna would serve and at times, stay in for the entire rotation. She even bumped the ball a couple of times! When (while serving) the ball went over the net (which it did most times), both teams would applaud and many would come over and give her a high-five! Typical Falcons!

There was also a cornhole competition. Ryanna was partnered with Jason Yeske. Jason was great, and the two of them came in second place (Ryanna was amused that she received a medal when she hardly scored!). I explained that is what teams are all about!

Ryanna was very pleased with the shirt Nest 8 provided, the shirt from National, and the goodie bag from District IV which included knee pads, socks and a few other items! Thank you!

Saturday evening, there was a dinner, awards presentation and dance. Due to my error, Ryanna received Mary Blessings’ medal (but of course, Mary wouldn’t allow me to correct my error!). Druhna Chris had a special trophy for Ryanna and Kayla.

While listening to the music, several asked Ryanna to dance – Dottie, Jaiden and Sammy. Grant even danced a slow dance with her.

It had been three years since a Volleyball Tournament, and it was so nice to get back together. The Falcon Spirit was palpable!

Ryanna thanked me several times for taking her. She enjoyed the game of volleyball, but also the fun and camaraderie that is the point of our fraternal events – both youth and adult! I have been attending Falcon youth events for over 20 years. It was so nice to bring my little girl and to see what a difference the Polish Falcons is making to her!

See you in St. Louis soon!


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