VP Trish: Recapping the National Golf Tournament – Part 2

Another idea I had for our National Golf Tournament was to acknowledge the distance traveled by our golfers to join in all this fun! A friend of Druhna Chris made this customized hubcap for me. This is another traveling “trophy.”

This year, the Nest who traveled the farthest was St. Louis, Mo. Members from Nest 45 journeyed 673 miles!

There were ten golfers along with Druhny Mary and Cindy, who came to not only volunteer but to encourage the golfers to become bowlers in the spring! Nest 45 is the host of the National Bowling Tournament to be held in late April.

Next year, when they join us in South Bend, we will pass it on. The Nest and year are written on the reverse side of the hubcap. I actually borrowed this idea from the Adult Volleyball from the 1990’s; there was a hubcap going around then.

Thank you to all the Nest 45 Members as they were also generous with their support of the backpack project and Nest 610! See you in St. Louis!

2021 Walking Program

“Within a Healthy Body Resides a Healthy Spirit” – the Falcon Motto. I don’t know about you but with this crazy pandemic, my body has been making more trips to the refrigerator than anywhere else. In contrast, I know many people have been more active during this time, getting outside to walk or run. Either way, Physical Fitness is an important ingredient in the Falcon Recipe for a Healthier & Happier Life, and walking is a great way to improve physical fitness. So, we at Polish Falcons are inviting all of our Members to participate in this year’s Let’s Walk Program. Participating is easy, simply log your miles through the year and receive prizes! For program specifics and to download a record sheet (with bonus daily water tracker), click here. Questions may be directed to Druhna Christine Puskar by email to cpuskar@polishfalcons.org.