VP Trish: 2023-24 Starzynski Scholarship Recipients

Congratulations to Polish Falcons of America Scholarship Recipients
March 22, 2023

It brings me great joy to share the names of the 2023-24 recipients of the Dr. T.A. Starzynski Scholarship Program. The number of applicants was low again but higher than in the last few years.

Districts represented this year: I, II, IV, IX & XIII

The applicants represent 12 Nests:

• Nest 6, Buffalo, NY
• Nest 8, Pittsburgh, PA
• Nest 41, New Kensington, PA
• Nest 42, Chicago Heights, IL
• Nest 52, Rochester, NY
• Nest 86, Hamtramck, MI
• Nest 118, Pittsburgh, PA
• Nest 123, Erie, PA
• Nest 176, Pittsburgh, PA
• Nest 336, Jackson, MI
• Nest 804, Pittsburgh, PA
• Nest 946, Hillsborough, NJ

Congratulations to the following! Best wishes to all of you in your future endeavors!

Molly Yeske of Nest 86, Hamtramck, MI was selected as the Mary Kus recipient; Molly will receive $3,000.00.

The following were chosen for the Achievement Category (each will receive $1750.00):

• Brooke McPherson – Nest 86, Hamtramck, MI
• Samuel J. Palombia – Nest 8, Pittsburgh, PA
• Aleksander Starzynski – Nest 946, Hillsborough, NJ

The Involvement Category included (each will receive $1250.00):

• Jared James Gable – Nest 8, Pittsburgh, PA
• Pauline Gutierrez – Nest 42, Chicago Heights, IL
• Stacia Hedrich – Nest 336, Jackson, MI
• Michael Popovich – Nest 123, Erie, PA
• Danica Pruski – Nest 6, Buffalo, NY
• Samantha Skowronski – Nest 6, Buffalo, NY
• Matthew Tomer – Nest 52, Rochester, NY
• Natalie Witt – Nest 6, Buffalo, NY

There were four in the General Category (each will receive $800.00):

• Anna Graber – Nest 804, Pittsburgh, PA
• Rebecca Kolano – Nest 118, Pittsburgh, PA
• Abigail Larko – Nest 41, New Kensington, PA
• Audree Yobst – Nest 176, Pittsburgh, PA

Perhaps a few minor modifications to the program will remedy the issue of low applications.

The Scholarship Committee and the Board of Directors have already discussed and will implement some revisions for next year. I will share these as soon as they are confirmed.

Thank you to all of you who continue to donate and support our Scholarship Program. You make all of this possible; YOU make a difference!

Thank you and Czolem!

Druhna Trish
Scholarship Committee Chairperson

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