VP Trish: 2023 Golf Registration

June 10, 2023

National Golf registration opened a week ago and applications are rolling in, we’re up to 32 already! Nest 493, Batavia, is eager, organized, and looking forward to hosting all the PFA golfers. Back in 2011 when Nest 493 hosted, there were 142 golfers. Would be cool to match that!

Several have asked and the link for registration is:

The application has been revised a bit, and I just need your age and sex (in addition to the usual info).

There are now 12 divisions divided by Men and Women, and within these two divisions are six each!

• Adult golfer ages 18-59
• Senior golfer ages 60-74
• Super Senior ages 75

There is a scratch category as well as handicap category in each division.

Thursday is a Singles Tournament; Friday is the day for the Scrambles Doubles event. Golfers will play with the same foursome both days!

July 15 is a very important date! This is the deadline for registration, as well as booking a hotel room. Please book your room and register as soon as is possible. Please call between the hours of 9:00 a.m. and 5:00 p.m. (Monday-Friday) when booking your room. (I don’t know why, but I was asked to ask the golfers to do so.)

As part of our fraternal mission, we are asking golfers to please bring a backpack. The state of New York still allows students to use their own backpacks.

Any questions, please contact me!

Not golf photos! One of my gardens, including Ryanna’s sunflower grown for her science experiment. Check out how these flowers close in the evening and reopen with the sunshine! Sounds like us!

Enjoy this wonderful time of year! Keep moving!

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