VP Trish: Golf Recap & Results

August 16, 2023

The 54th PFA National Golf Tournament was held last week and what a great time all of us had! Nest 493, Batavia, N.Y., were great hosts. The golfers enjoyed the courses, food, and most importantly each other.

Thursday morning had a slight delay due to the rain; the golfers teed off at 9:20 instead of 9:00 and managed to finish their rounds before the sky opened up again. Friday, the weather was much more cooperative and the golfers teed off right on time!

There were a few hiccups but overall, it went very well! Thank you to John Slane, Eileen McGee, Deb Snyder and the rest of the Nest 493 crew who took care of us! Sorry, I don’t know all of your names!

The tournament this year had quite a few rookies with golfers from Nests who haven’t participated previously. There were also several younger golfers, some of whom I have known since they were very young at camp or a Zlot! So happy that they now golf! Wonderful to see Adam Hall, Ethan Forrest, Melissa Elliott, and Jason Johns moving up to the adult activities!

Another cool thing is the families who are there – there are cousins, brother in laws, sisters, spouses, grandparents with grandchildren, mothers with daughters, fathers with sons, fathers with daughters, brothers, uncles and of course, other Falcon family Members.

Six of our eight Districts were represented by the following Nests:

• District II: Nest 45-St. Louis, MO (who won the traveling hubcap for the furthest distance traveled) and Nest 907-Cicero, IL

• District IV: Nest 8-Pittsburgh, PA (who won the most participants gnome for having 15 golfers), Nest 41-New Kensington, PA, Nest 97-Windber, PA (this is a first for Nest 97!), Nest 146-New Castle, PA, Nest 159-Ford City, PA, Nest 182-Ambridge, PA and Nest 804-Pittsburgh, PA

• District V: Nest 88-New Britain (again a first for this Nest), Nest 307- Southington, CT, Nest 519-Middletown, CT, and Nest 580-Pittsfield, MA

• District VI: Nest 4-South Bend, IN and Nest 80-South Bend, IN

• District XIII: Nest 86-Hamtramck, MI and Nest 336-Jackson, MI

• The host District-District IX had at least one golfer from every single Nest in their District! Kudos to District IX! Nest 6-Buffalo, NY (District President Gary Sieczkarek had all three of his grandchildren (Danica, Cameron and Mason) participate!), Nest 52-Rochester, NY, Nest 74-Auburn, NY, Nest 123-Erie, PA, Nest 430-Auburn, NY, our host Nest 493, Batavia, NY and Nest 610-Erie, PA

Thank you so much to my helpers – my John (John Nicpon), Cookie Galluze and Becky Sienkiewicz! There were a few who jumped in when needed and thank you to you also!

Next year, we are off to Nest 336, Jackson, Michigan, where we will golf at Hankerd Hills (owned by Nest 336 Member, Inchy-Stanley Kasprzycki).

In addition to the golf awards, participation and traveling prizes, Chuck Johns once again was the first golfer to register. Chuck received a book about an early worm to read to his granddaughters. Russ Killcrece won best dressed man and Melissa Eliott for best dressed woman. The best dressed award is a random drawing since so many golfers wear very nice clothing! Nest 493 received a framed Certificate of Appreciation for hosting the Tournament.

New this year, Joe Caruso and Megan Zemek won a free entry for Jackson!

A huge thank you to all the golfers who either donated backpacks or made a financial donation to the Batavia schools! Your generosity warms my heart!

Czolem & FORE!

2023 National Golf Results:

Golf Commissioners
Nest 97 golfers

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