VP Trish: Happy Birthday, Genevieve!

June 28, 2023

Nest 97 Member, Genevieve Borovicka, who has made over 345 – $10 donations – to the Dr. T.A. Starzynski Scholarship Program, has a birthday coming up!

Genevieve and her family

Druhna will be 102 on July 3rd! She is still going strong and is sharp as ever. Her family would like her to receive as many birthday cards as possible to show her how much she is loved. Druhna will literally read them over and over all year long. If you’d like to send her a card, please let me know and I’ll get you her address.

Genevieve on her wedding day, June 17, 1937
Teresa and Genevieve polka-ing!

Druhna began making her monthly donations after her grandchildren received grants – Ken in 1994 and his sister, Kristine in 1999. Druhna was so pleased that her grandchildren achieved grants that she wanted to be sure the opportunity was there for future generations! Thank you!

Ken & Kris

Even if a few cards arrive after her special day, the sentiment will still be greatly appreciated.

Thank you and Czolem!

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