VP Trish: Special Convention

August 27, 2022

The morning of July 29 was a perfect day! (Also the birthday of our President, Timothy and Nest 31 Delegate Teena Bradley!)

This was the one day that the Delegates had come to SNPJ for a Special Convention – with the only item on the agenda the proposed amendments to our current Constitution. There were 80 Delegates in attendance including the National Board of Directors, District Officers, Nest Officers, elected Delegates and Legion of Honor Members.

Many of the Delegates observed the youth Members with their morning ritual which included a flag raising ceremony. Following that, each camper gave us their name and home Nest and city. What a great group of kids!

We then headed into the banquet hall for a delicious (although extremely unhealthy) breakfast.

President Kuzma opened the Convention at 9 a.m. per the Constitution as the temporary Convention Chair.

The morning consisted of:

• The Pledge of Allegiance
• Secretary/Treasurer Ryan Gregg presented the report of the Credentials Committee. All eight Districts were represented with 23 Nests in attendance. Thus, a quorum was met.
• The Oath for the Delegates was administered.
• Legal Counsel Joe Federowicz was appointed as Convention Parliamentarian.
• The Standing Rules of the Convention were adopted.
• President Kuzma added the rule that if a Delegate’s cell phone rings, they must donate $10 to the Dr. T.A. Starzynski Scholarship Fund.

President Kuzma took a minute to acknowledge a few Delegates:

• Druh Ted Kokoski, one of the eldest and our former National Secretary/Treasurer
• Druhny Elizabeth Kolano and Henrietta Nowakowski (also seasoned Falcons)
• Our youngest – Dorothy Kalinowski and Nicholas Blessing

President Kuzma then appointed the Ballot Committee:

• Mary Blessing-Nest 45
• Richard Karpinski-Nest 31
• Wanda Szuszkowski-Nest 17

The Sargent at Arms Committee: (all District Presidents)

• Ronald Lipinski-Nest 45 (District II)
• Frank Wloch-Nest 31 (District XIII)
• Gary Sieczkarek-Nest 6 (District IX)
• Philip Zambrello-Nest 519 (District V)

The remuneration of the Convention Secretary was set, followed by an election of Officers.

While the Ballot Committee was collecting the ballots for the Convention Chair, John Nicpon’s phone rang (seriously!!), so he had to donate to the Scholarship Fund (he actually donated $20 instead of the requested $10).

I had the honor of being elected Convention Chair with Dorothy Kalinowski (Nest 176) as Co-Chair and Kristen Johns (Nest 86) as the Convention Secretary. Both of these young ladies were Future Leaders! First time that all Convention Officers were female!!!

President Tim swore all of us in as Convention Officers, then passed the gavel. This was quite an honor for me!

The first order of business was Joe Federowicz giving the Legal Committee Report.

The Legal Committee:

• Joe Federowicz (Chair)
• Tim Kuzma
• Trish Del Busse
• Tom Eckert
• Tom Washington
• Chuck Johns

The Constitution Committee had worked for years on the proposed amendments. This was a good group with representation from all over.

• Timothy Kuzma
• Patricia Del Busse
• Jeremy Kot-District I
• Edward Ciesla-District I
• Joan Beilfuss-District II
• Thomas Kolano-District IV
• Cheryl Paterni-District IV
• Wendi Kowarik-District V
• Lawrence Ambler-District VI (who unfortunately passed away during this time)
• Darryl Pawlush-District VII
• Thomas Washington-District VII
• Gary Sieczkarek-District IX
• Lauren Andrychowski-District IX
• Kaitlyn Johns-District XIII
• Claire McPherson-District XIII

President Kuzma reviewed all of the proposed changes and the rationale behind the need for change.

There was quite a bit of discussion and a few motions throughout the morning.

When we broke for lunch, all went down to the pavilion to enjoy the day, visit with the campers and have lunch. A very nice break!

Following lunch, the Convention reconvened and we were back to business.

During the Convention, former District XIII Director, Janet Knauber, sold raffle tickets with the proceeds benefiting the Dr. T. A. Starzynski Scholarship Program. Thank you to Druhna and the Delegates!

A few Nests and individuals made donations to the Scholarship Fund. Thank you!

The afternoon was a continuation of the morning but at the end of the day, the changes passed unanimously!

This is an amazing accomplishment and a step in the right direction for the Polish Falcons of America! The Polish Falcons now has a new governance structure.

The next regular Convention will be hosted by Nest 88, New Britain, and held in Connecticut in the year, 2024.

Thank you to all the Delegates, the Committees and all who worked so hard to organize this Convention!

Enjoy the remainder of the summer even though the kids are back in school.


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