VP Trish: Time is Ticking!

July 8, 2023


Seven more days to register and reserve a hotel room for the upcoming National Golf Tournament. That is also the deadline for hole sponsorship!

The clock is ticking!!!

Nest 493 has just a few things to do to prepare for us! They need numbers for:

• The golf course
• Ordering shirts
• Ordering food
• Ordering beverages

In early August, each golfer will receive an email from me full of information: Nest address, times for buses, meals, entertainment, all that you need to know. If you are registered and do not hear from me, please contact me!

Most of our Districts will be represented this year!

The following Nests have golfers registered:

• Nest 4-South Bend, IN
• Nest 6-Buffalo, NY
• Nest 8-Pittsburgh, PA
• Nest 41-New Kensington, PA
• Nest 45-St. Louis, MO
• Nest 52-Rochester, NY
• Nest 74-Auburn, NY
• Nest 80-South Bend, IN
• Nest 86-Hamtramck, MI
• Nest 97-Windber, PA
• Nest 146-New Castle, PA
• Nest 159-Ford City, PA
• Nest 182-Ambridge, PA
• Nest 307-Southington, CT
• Nest 336-Jackson, MI
• Nest 430-Auburn, NY
• Nest 493-Batavia, NY
• Nest 519-Middletown, CT
• Nest 580-Pittsfield, MA
• Nest 610-Erie, PA
• Nest 804-Pittsburgh, PA

The Districts participating are II, IV, V, VI, IX and XIII!

I know there are still a few folks who haven’t registered yet. I am nicely asking you to PLEASE register today!

To help with fulfilling our fraternal mission, the golfers are being asked to donate a backpack (empty is fine) for students to use in the upcoming school year. New York still permits students to use their own.

Just spoke with Tournament Chair, John Slane! They are getting really excited! As am I!

Enjoy the sunshine!!!

Czolem & FORE!

Olivers Candy Store in Batavia
Holland Land Office Museum in Batavia
Dwyer Stadium in Batavia
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